Tuesday, April 19

To whet your scrapetite...

It's clear to us that you want the BASICS at a GOOD PRICE! We bought 2 packs of tape runners, offered them at $7.99 per pack and you have been buying them like CRAZY. Glue dots at $2.99? SAME THING! So how about some CARDSTOCK ladies??? We love, love, LOVE the cardstock multi-packs from American Crafts and have negotiated a better price for them. This means that YOU will benefit! A sheet of heavy, textured cardstock will work out to LESS THAN 30 cents a sheet! How does that sound???

Tuesday, April 12

WHEW...another amazing Scrapfest is over!

All the build up...all the excitement and Scrapfest is now over and done (until Oshawa in October of course). Sometimes my life seems like a constant looking ahead, projecting, planning and then AFTER the event it's hard to re-focus, difficult to re-group and switch gears.
It was AMAZING to meet so many of you face to face! We truly had a GREAT time and WOW....can I just say....we were B U S Y the entire time!!! I glanced up at 4 p.m. on Friday and to my astonishment we already had a CROWD of scrapbookers happily digging through our product and the line up was forming! Sorry to those of you who had to wait...next time we'll offer some freebies or fun stuff to those in line.
Thanks for your ongoing support....we have the BEST CUSTOMERS ever!
Hope to see you at our big event on May 7th in LONDON, ON! If you're interested, please click here and you'll receive an email with more details.

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