Wednesday, March 23

Heaven in a muffin...

I know that this is a scrapbooking blog...set that aside for the sake of these scrumptious little beauties!!! I'm not even really a "muffin person"...but I added milk chocolate chips to these, and they're more like DESSERT! Soooo melt in your mouth YUMMY. I'm a BIG fan of this website too...easy to navigate and lots of winner recipes on here for sure! Enjoy.
Banana Crumb Muffins

Oh yeah...and on the topic of SCRAPBOOKING...I do have some awesome news! Heather just picked up a HUGE shipment of GOODIES yesterday. Some of the product is for future kits and some, you'll see on our site soon. VERY SOON! Keep an eye out for our next newsletter!!! You don't receive our newsletter??!?! Then please go to our HOME page and subscribe. It takes literally 3 seconds to do it! The link below will take you right to our home page!


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  1. Susan W. sent me over and I am so glad that I came to visit. This looks like a fun blog!