Saturday, February 13

It was definitely worth it!!!

It's not always easy to step away from your life for 24 hours. By the time I found a place that Rylan could sleep on Friday night so that Jordan could go to a lacrosse game, packed Rylan's bags, figured out Bryn's babysitting schedule, bought gifts for Addi's 2 parties, helped Addi pack for her sleepover, find a ride back and forth TO the sleepover, find a ride to the Saturday night party, make sure the litter was clean and the cats were taken care of as well as ensuring that there was food in the house that the kids could prepare.....WHEW....I was exhausted!
BUT...after arriving at our destination and having time to rest, reflect and relax....I realized that all the effort was truly worthwhile. Life can often feel like a balancing act....a constant struggle to balance my priorities. To put all this aside and focus on myself can seem selfish, unnessary and sometimes down right hard.
I guess I just want to remind find time to be still....stop striving and working and enjoy the peace and matter how hard it is to get there!


  1. ahhh peace & quiet...yes..I love it :-)
    great to hear you had a nice time!

  2. I got a little time away myself this weekend! Glad you enjoyed yourself.