Wednesday, February 17

It's the little things...

Yesterday I was tired. As much as I hate the concept of "the Bachelor", and don't understand why on EARTH you'd put yourself out there like that (with 24 other desperate women)....I just HAD to stay up until 1 a.m. to see who was eliminated. Pathetic, I know. So Tuesday morning, coffee wasn't even was necessary, and as I made my way down to my office and was surprised to see a sign taped to my computer screen. It said:
Have an AWESOME day mom. SELL THOSE KITS! LOVE YA! Bryn (hand drawn heart next to her name).
I don't know if it was the encouraging message, or knowing that my daughter was thinking of me or realizing that she's still a very compassionate and loving girl at the (sometimes awkward and challenging) age of 13. It just made me realize that maybe I don't need to fear the teenage years or think too far ahead. Maybe we'll just take it one step at a time. And hopefully, if you know you're loved and valued and you get your worth from what's inside and not your outward beauty and talents...then hopefully I will NEVER EVER see YOU on an episode of "the Bachelor". Lol...

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  1. It is so the little things!!!!They sure do make the day look brighter.